Bodywork Services for Horses

Through her own experiences with equines, Brenna has grown to realize the importance of properly maintaining your horse's performance through routine care and bodywork. She enrolled in the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2012 after working summers with an equine osteopath for several years. She has completed both the Large Animal Maintenance and Performance Massage programs. Brenna is a certified Large Animal Massage Practitioner with over 600 hours of board certified education. In 2018, Brenna completed an equine chiropractic course from Dr Bill Hampton, DC, to become even more educated on bodywork's benefits.


Equine massage therapy can be beneficial to horses of all disciplines: from the weekend trail horse to the national series competitor. Muscle fatigue and tension can affect horses in very similar ways to humans. If your horse is experiencing behavioral issues or decreased performance due to tight muscles, massage therapy can help to create a more well-balanced horse physically and mentally.


Does your horse experience any of the following issues? 

-Head tossing

-Unexplained lameness
-Refusal to pick up the correct lead
-Cinching or "cold-backed" problems
-Lack of forward impulsion
-Difficulty with lateral movements 

Contact your veterinary health care team to see how starting a massage program may benefit your animal.


60 Minute Session: $70

90 Minute Session: $100 

 120 Minute Session: $130



BDP requests that horses be up to date on veterinary care (including dental work & vaccines)

and farrier work prior to any appointments.

Rates may vary due to fuel surcharge based on the client's location. 



Equine massage therapy is not a replacement for proper veterinary care. We work with you and your vet to help keep your horse in optimum condition.